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Face Masks for Teens & Adults

Adult Face Masks
Locally handmade masks designed to fit adults and teens 14 years and up.  Kollodiworks makes a few styles for adults. Thank you for supporting our local mask makers as  every mask purchase supports Kollodiwork's donation efforts to local nonprofits.  ~ Thank you 

Adult Fitted Mask: 2 layers 100% cotton, 1 Non-woven layer, Polyester & Elastic Yarn bands that wrap around the head. Integrated Stainless steel nose clip wire pocket and filter pocket. 

Adult Comfort Mask:  100% cotton, Polyester & Elastic Yarn bands that wrap around the head . Integrated stainless steel nose clip wire. 

Adult Ear Loop Mask Fitted & Comfort:  2 layers 100% cotton, Polyester & Nylon Elastic ear loops.  Integrated Stainless steel nose clip wire. 

Ear Saver: Hand-knit extension accessory that relieves elastic from behind ears.