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The Black Resilience Fund


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Thank you for taking action and supporting the Black Resilience Fund. To date, they've raised over $579,000 with the support of over 7,400 individual donations!

In sixteen days, they’ve funded $131,019.81 in immediate support for Black Portlanders, including a warm meal, groceries, and unpaid bills.

Portland Monthly Magazine published a write up about “the early days” of how the Black Resilience Fund was founded. Read the article here:

"The Black Resilience Fund is founded by Cameron Whitten, a local Portlander who has more than 5 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and donation accountability. Cameron has served as the Executive Director of local nonprofits such as Know Your City, Brown Hope, and Q Center.

Systemic change requires prolonged effort, but we can also make an immediate difference for frontline communities. Cameron Whitten launched this Black Resilience Fund as an opportunity for non-Black allies to support the resilience of Black people in our very own community."

Healing is needed. Justice is needed. And that requires action.

Thank you for your donation and for making a difference to Black Lives Matter!